Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Merry Eve Traditions

Merry Christmas Eve loves!  This is the day when individuals around the globe purchase last minute presents, prepare family recipes, and travel on busy highways to visit family.  For Americans, this day can be stressful.  We have limited time to make adjustments or finish To-Lists.  Do not forget the real reason we all celebrate Christmas.  Each other.  I personally believe that this day symbolizes the earthly birth of Jesus Christ, the son of God who came from heaven for us and died a torturous death only 33 years later.  He came not for the piles of presents or perfectly cooked ham, Jesus came for us.  For you, for me, for the millions of people who came before us, and for the billions who will come after.  So this Christmas Eve I challenge you to take a step back from all the planning, shopping, and preparing to realize what you do have.  Give thanks for the individuals in your life who have helped you become who you are.  To the mail-carrier that delivered your Christmas cards, the neighbor that smiles at you every morning, and the police officer that keeps your street safe.  We are surrounded by so many wonderful things, please do not let the stress of Christmas Eve keep you from appreciating the season.

To help you, here are a few of my favorite Christmas Eve traditions:

1. Driving around town to look at Christmas Lights.

This photo was taken in my hometown by Pepline Reality and showcases one of my favorite Christmas Eve tradition.  So many families spend large amounts of time, energy, and money to decorate their houses each December.  This year, go to a neighborhood you have never been in and see what decorations you can spot!

2. Sipping hot chocolate by the fire. 

Tonight, share some of your favorite holiday memories with your loved ones while sipping hot chocolate (or other warm beverage).  Need a new mug?  This cutie is on sale at the Kate Spade New York's website!

3. Laughing at a Christmas movie with your loved ones. 

Ever since I was a child, on the night of December 24th my family and I gather around our living room television and watch Christmas comedies.
A few of my favorites include:

4. Baking cookies for your neighbors. 

Even if you are not a baker, it is still nice to give little presents to the families and individuals who live next to you.  If you chose to bake cookies, here is a recipe you might enjoy.

Christmas Cookie Pops
from Betty Crocker

Merry Christmas!

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