Sunday, May 31, 2015

Spring Favorites

Spring is my favorite season and I am very happy to share some of my favorites with you!  This season I have enjoyed bright colors and comforting smells.  I do not have a lot of favorite products because I have been swamped with school and I have not been able to try a lot of new things.  However, here is what I have been loving this spring.


During Black Friday, I purchased a collection of Tarte deluxe samples and I have been loving them.  This spring I have been using my Amazonian Clay blush in the color Magic.  It is perfect for a light peach glow that reminds me of sun-kissed cheeks.  This blush is easily build-able so it took me a few tries to perfect its application!


I am always happy when something from my Birchbox makes it into my season favorites because I feel like I am getting my money's worth!  This spring I have been obsessed with my Whish coconut shaving cream.  It is super creamy and makes my skin feel amazing.  Plus, every time I use it, I feel like I am on a tropical vacation.


I had been ecstatic about the Lilly Pulitzer and Target collaboration since its announcement.  Days before the release, I planned everything I wanted to purchase and prepared my game plan.  However, when the morning arrived, I was unable to purchase anything I wanted.  Distraught, I logged onto eBay to see what the prices looked like.  Not even two hours after the line's release, eBay was packed with Lilly for Target at twice or triple the price.  I searched eBay for regular Lilly items to compare the price and managed to score this shift for only $30!  I love the shape, fit, pattern, and colors.  These pictures do not do this dress justice!


Cinderella is a magical experience of love, color, and fashion.  I have seen the movie twice in theaters, once in IMAX on opening weekend.  To see more about my experience at Cinderella, check out this post.  


Something A Little Different by Sandy Hall is an adorable love story told through the eyes of various characters.  I loved her writing style and character development.  Also, can we just talk about how gorgeous this cover is?!  There is no better time to read about a blooming young love than in the spring.


Photo Credit

During my last Lush trip, I picked up the limited edition Bunch of Carrots Reusable Bubble Bar from their 2015 Easter line.  I was not expecting to fall in love with this product as much as I have!  The carrots turn the water a light orange and the bubbles are slightly yellow.  The smell is amazing and I wish I could describe it for you.  Each carrot produces about 2-3 baths and there are 3 carrots per bunch 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

End of the Year Teacher Gift Ideas

Its that time of year again.  When school is almost out and summer is so close that you can taste it.  What what do you give to the person that has helped you or your child all year?  Here are a few ideas for the perfect end of the year teacher gifts!  These gift are more female centered because I am a female.

Teacher Gifts

1. Nail Polish 

Nail polish is a thoughtful gift for a feminine teacher.  Jazz it up by adding a nail file, nail stickers, or even a spa gift card to the present. 

2. Tumbler 

Teachers can never drink enough water and most have plenty of coffee mugs.  This year, surprise her with a large tumbler like this one from Lilly Pulitzer.  Add to the summer/beach theme by including a towel and sunscreen. 

3. Small Purse

Most teachers have more than enough tote bags so help them keep their items organized with a small wristlet or crossbody.  Vera Bradley has tons of options and you can usually find great items on sale.  If you want something more, think about sneaking a tube of lipgloss or a Visa gift card inside. 

4. Spa Collection

Bath and Body Works makes amazing products and they usually have several premade gift baskets in store.  This is great for teachers who are difficult to shop for or if you are running behind.  I am completely in love with their new peach scent which is perfect for summer! 

5. Monogram Bracelet 

Looking for something more personal?  Consider a bracelet or necklace with your teacher's initial.  Alex and Ani's have been extremely popular lately and are simple enough to wear at work. 

6. Picture Frame 

Even though a picture frame might seem dull, it can be a wonderful gift for a teacher.  If you have a photo of them with you or your child, add it to the frame before presenting it to her or him.  If this seems too simple, place it in a basket with other classroom decor items like a succulent plant, a pen holder, and some Post-It notes. 

What will you be giving your teacher this year? 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Girl's Day at Disney Outfit Ideas

Two of my favorite Disney Instagram accounts are DisneyBound and CaseyandtheBear.  I have created some of my own Dapper-Style outfits to match Casey's ParkBound Buttons for upcoming girl's day my best friend and I have planned.

The Castles 

Disney World is home to Cinderella's Castle and Disneyland has Sleeping Beauty's Castle.  These outfits can be worn to reflect the castles or the princesses.

Girl's Day - Cinderella and Aurora

Tremaine Sisters

I love Cinderella and I recently have become a fan of her stepsisters because they are hilarious in the 2015 live-action movie.  So for my next pairing, I give you this colorful duo! 

Girl's Day - Tremaine Sisters

Classic Ladies 

Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck are one of the first female duos for Disney.  They both have adorable color schemes and big bows.  How can you not love these two? 

Girl's Day - Minnie and Daisy

Peter's Girls 

Wendy and Tinkerbell have their differences but I love both of them because of they have such dynamic personalities.  Girl's Day - Wendy and Tink

Sisters Forever 

Girl's Day - Elsa and Anna

Emotional Connection 

Girl's Day - Joy and Sadness

A Tale Retold 

Girl's Day - Maleficent and Aurora

Hawaiian Sisters 

Girl's Day - Lilo and Nani

Outfit Ideas Without Buttons: 

My favorite princesses are Tiana and Belle so I just had to include them.  Right now, there are no ParkBound Buttons for Princess and the Frog.  There are a few Beauty and the Beast buttons however, the only represent the first part of the movie which you can find herehere, and my personal favorite, here.  Nonetheless, here are two more outfits for you to enjoy!

Girl's Day - Tiana and Charlotte

Girl's Day - Belle and Mrs. Potts

Buttons that I Own: 

Of course I own a few ParkBound Buttons that I absolutely love!  I have not worn them to the parks however, I will post pictures when I do! 

Friday, May 8, 2015

Mother's Day 2015 - Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is a wonderful excuse to pamper the most important woman in your life.  Whether she is related by blood, law, or love, she helped you become the person you are today.  Here a few ideas to show her how much you love her this Mother's Day.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas


If your mom loves makeup, pallets make a great gifts because you can get more bang for your buck.  I am in love with this natural pallet from Too Faced because the colors can be worn day and night. 


On-the-go moms can always use a new bag to hold all of their (and your) items.  A great tote like this Michael Kors bag is professional, adorable, and useful. 


Summer is coming up so why not surprise your mom with something she can enjoy during the warmer months!  Think about pairing these Troy Burch sandals with a pedicure gift card or a bottle of nail polish.  Other shoe options include wedges or comfy TOMS. 


Fragrance is one of the most traditional Mother's Day gifts.  Gorgeous bottles like this perfume from Kate Spade can also double as a vanity decoration.  


You can almost never go wrong with purchasing your mom a nice piece of jewelry.  Affordable versions of brand name options can be found online or at stores like Charming Charlie. 


Every woman is different so your mom might not be into purses, makeup, or other girly favorites.  If that is the case, splurge on something she could enjoy like a nice scarf or travel blanket.  

Thursday, April 23, 2015

April 2015 Birchbox

April has been a crazy month so the arrival of my Birchbox was highly appreciated!  I am completely obsessed with the box this month.  However, I do wish they had included something from Rifle Paper Co. inside like a small journal or pack of greeting cards. 

I received five amazing samples this month that are great for Spring.

First, there was a tiny sample of Atelier Cologne Orange Sanguine Cologne Absolue.  The fragrance is subtle with citrus undertones and I really like it.  Unfortunately, I have yet to master this type of packaging... 

Next was a sample of Whish Shave Crave Shaving Cream in coconut.  This smell is amazing and the creme leaves my skin soft and refreshed after shaving.  I might invest in a full-sized bottle! 

My sample choice this month was the Jouer Tint creme blush.  The color is amazing and I love the texture.  This blush will be perfect for warm spring days to add a flush to my cheeks. 

My least favorite sample this month is the Number 4™ Super Comb Prep & Protect because I rarely style my hair.  I also highly dislike the scent.  Hopefully soon I will find a use for it and if you have any ideas, please let me know. 

I am most looking forward to the effects of the Real Chemistry Luminous 3-Minute Peel.  Last summer I began a long battle with acne and now I have several dark spots and scars.  I really hope that this product lives up to my expectations! 

What did you receive in your April Birchbox? 

How to Plan a Romantic Date Night at Home for Her

When Googling date night ideas recently, I discovered that there is a lack of date night ideas for her.  Almost every blog I read provided wonderful ideas for how to surprise him.  So here is some ideas to surprise the special lady in your life.

Setting the Stage

String Lights

Little touches of light in a dimmed room can resemble stars and set the stage for a cozy and romantic night.  The lights above can be found at Target however, you can use leftover Christmas lights or tea candles. 

Fresh Flowers 

You do not have to go crazy and get a huge bouquet like the one pictured.  However, fresh flowers can double as a gift and decoration for the evening.  To make small bouquets look bigger, you can wrap the a bow around the vase. 

Something Special 

Girls love presents and most of us love jewelry!  Put a smile on her face by surprising her with a classic necklace or pair of earrings.  Charming Charlie has a wonderful selection of affordable jewelry and accessories. 

The Perfect Meal


To start the evening, chose a finger food to share.  I found these amazing cheese rolls that would be a perfect appetizer to an Italian themed dinner.  These would also pair nicely with some wine or a specialty cocktail (if you are over 21). 

Main Course

Because its a special night for you and your honey, its the perfect time to try a new recipe or prepare a favorite meal.  Pinterest is filled with dinner ideas for all themes and this Carbonara with Pan Seared Scallops looks delicious.  Picking up dinner from your favorite take-out restaurant is also a great option! 


To end the meal, pick a romantic dessert like these Limoncello cupcakes.  Non-bake pies and trifles are perfect if you do not enjoy baking.  If you are not into sweets, think about preparing a fancy cup of coffee or a fruit salad.  

Things to Do


Watching a movie together is a perfect excuse to cuddle for two hours.  Find a movie that makes your lady happy like her favorite film or a feature she has been dying to see.  Cue up the movie after dinner so you can engage her in conversation before diverting attention to the T.V. 


There are several games on the market today designed for as little as two players including Ticket to Ride.  Card games or trivia can also be fun to get you and your partner talking and laughing.  Remember to tone down competitiveness to reduce fighting.