Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday Make-Over: Spirit Jersey

One of the hottest items of Fall 2012 has made it to the top of the what to wear list again, and is looking cuter than ever in this Greek Life Girl photo!.  It is hard to wear the same outfit two years in a row, so here are some new twists to old favorites.  Not in a sorority and missed out on last year's trend?  Not a problem!  Spirit Jerseys have been made to represent companies, tourist destinations, schools, and more!  Here are a few ideas of how to wear your Spirit Jersey:

Wear it to class...

Stretch pants are perfect alternatives to leggings and fit comfortably into leather riding boots (another fall favorite that is making a come back).  Dress up your outfit just a tad by adding a pearl necklace or hair bow. 
Spirit Jersey Comfortable

Wear it on the weekend...

What are your weekend plans?  Shopping with your mom?  Seeing a movie with your man?  Grabbing coffee with your girls?  Distressed skinny jeans and Tory Burch flats are functional and adorable.  Finish your look with aviators or a hairband.
Spirit Jersey Weekend Wear

Paige Denim jeans / Tory Burch flat, / Lilly Pulitzer clear sunglasses

Wear it to the pool, beach, or lake...

Everyone needs a study break and in the South, that means tanning.  Your Spirit Jersey makes an amazing cover-up, especially for dropping temperatures.  Add a monogrammed baseball cap and Lilly Pulitzer crookies and you are good to go!  Don't forget your textbooks (YUCK!) and Lilly planner!
Spirit Jersey at the Beach

Hot Anatomy brazilian bikini, / J.Crew navy blue baseball cap / Lilly Pulitzer sunglasses

How will you be wearing your Spirit Jersey this fall?  Comment below or post a picture on
Instagram and tag @monogrammedmarie

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wednesday Wellness: Ovarian Cancer Awareness

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness month and as a daughter of a woman who lost her fight to ovarian cancer, I try my best to spread the word about the disease.  The majority of women hear a lot about breast cancer, especially during October.  While it is important to know the signs of and spread the word about breast cancer, we should also be learning about the dangers of ovarian. One of the best ways to keep yourself healthy is to know your body.  As women, we focus on our weight and skin without actually noticing the small red-flag-flying changes.  So, here is some information to teach you about the symptoms of ovarian cancer, statistics about the disease, and ideas for how you can help spread the word to your female loved ones.

What is ovarian cancer?

According to The CDC:

"Ovarian cancer may cause one or more of these signs and symptoms—
  • Vaginal bleeding or discharge from your vagina that is not normal for you.
  • Pain in the pelvic or abdominal area (the area below your stomach and between your hip bones).
  • Back pain.
  • Bloating, which is when the area below your stomach swells or feels full.
  • Feeling full quickly while eating.
  • A change in your bathroom habits, such as having to pass urine very badly or very often, constipation, or diarrhea.
Pay attention to your body, and know what is normal for you. If you have vaginal bleeding that is not normal for you, see a doctor right away. Also see a doctor if you have any of the other signs for two weeks or longer and they are not normal for you. These symptoms may be caused by something other than cancer, but the only way to know is to see a doctor. The earlier ovarian cancer is found and treated, the more likely treatment will be effective."

Who has ovarian cancer?

"The American Cancer Society estimates for ovarian cancer in the United States for 2013 there are:
  • About 22,240 women will receive a new diagnosis of ovarian cancer.
  • About 14,230 women will die from ovarian cancer.
Ovarian cancer is the ninth most common cancer among women, excluding non-melanoma skin cancers. It ranks fifth in cancer deaths among women, accounting for more deaths than any other cancer of the female reproductive system. Ovarian cancer accounts for about 3% of all cancers in women. A woman's risk of getting ovarian cancer during her lifetime is about 1 in 72. Her lifetime chance of dying from ovarian cancer is about 1 in 100. (These statistics don’t count low malignant potential ovarian tumors.)
This cancer mainly develops in older women. About half of the women who are diagnosed with ovarian cancer are 63 years or older. It is more common in white women that African-American women.
The rate at which women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer has been slowly falling over the past 20 years."

How can I help?

Visit The Ovarian Cancer National Alliance or The National Ovarian Cancer Coalition to find helpful tips on how to get involved and help find a cure.

The easiest way to raise awareness for ovarian cancer is to wear teal!  Here are some ideas:


Marc by Marc Jacobs dress / NIC+ZOE blue button shirt / J.Crew shorts / ALDO flat / Tory Burch shoulder bag / Nina Ricci teal purse / Marc by Marc Jacobs bangle

Do you have any ideas about spreading the word?  Comment below!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tuesday Trends: Game Day Attire

Southern girls love pearls, monograms, and dressing up for football games, especially in the SEC.  As the football season progresses, the weather cools and creativity begins to shine.  Here are three ideas for adorable game day outfits for those early, middle, and late fall Saturdays at the stadium.

Early Fall:
Early Fall Game

Middle Fall:

Middle Fall Game
Late Fall Game

River Island dress  / Vero Moda jacket  / Tory Burch sandals / Kate Spade  leather bag / Forever 21 gold necklace

What do you like to wear to football games?
Comment below!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thursday Throwback: Big/Little Week Ideas

Big/Little Week is one of the most exciting times for sororities.  Bigs sneak around to anonymously shower their littles with presents.  I love creating themed gift baskets so I wanted to share some of the gifts I made for my littles.  For themes, I found it best to follow this simple pattern: One day for school spirit, one for sorority spirit, one for something your little loves, and one that represents your family line.

Here are some of the baskets I made for my littles:

Sorority Spirit Basket (Sigma Phi Lambda):

This basket included a tote bag, picture frame, letter t-shirt, stuffed lamb, license plate frame, our sorority flower, hair bow, coozie, painted Greek letter that represented her pledge class, Pez dispenser with our sorority mascot, and a handmade card.  I love using these baskets because girls can use them for laundry or storage.

 School Spirit Basket (Go Gators!):

For this basket, I wanted to add somethings that she could use in class, at home, or at games.  I made her a Gator fleece blanket, an orange and blue make-up bag with her initial, a game day button with our sorority letters, picture frame, and hair bow.  One the basket I attached a large blue bow that my big put on my Gator basket.  I thought it would be a cute way to pass down family heirloom.  The passing of the bow has now become a family tradition.

Something Your Little Loves Basket:

One of my littles is obsessed with elephants and what sorority girl doesn't love Lilly Pulitzer?  Most of this basket is filled with goodies I purchased from Etsy sellers.  This canvas was painted by Prep Essentials, a letter tote bag from Baby Oz Clothing, a pocket mirror by Lover Doodles, and Mama Duck Creations made me an adorable picture frame. The basket also included a letter shirt, tumbler, Lilly journal, and elephant pen.

Basket that Represent Your Family Line:

Sigma Phi Lambda is a Christian sorority and all members are required to be in a bible study.  I like to have a personal bible study with my littles, so I wanted to give her some books that we could use.  The basket also included a monogram necklace, coffee cup, package of bookmarks, and bible verse art.  I also included Disney princess goodies because it is a tradition in our line.

What are some of your favorite gift baskets that you have received or given?

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tuesday Trends: Monogrammed Fishing Shirts

So we have all seen those completely adorable fishing shirts with the large monogram on the back.  I picked one up at Sears last week for only $21!  I could not wait to wear it, but what do you pair with an oversize button down? My personal favorite outfit includes my khaki shorts from Target, Jack Rogers, and monogrammed envelope clutch from Monogram Inc. on Etsy. Other great bottoms include leggings and skinny with cute flats or sandals. What do you like to pair with your monogrammed fishing shirt?

J. Crew Chino Shorts              Target Leggings             Lilly Pulitzer Skinny Mini 

Comment below with any comments or questions, I would love to hear from you!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday Make-Over: Statement Necklaces

In my mind, nothing completes an outfit quite like a necklace can.  Here are a few of my favorite fall statement necklaces.

1) Sparkles, gold, and flowers, oh my!  J. Crew's Crystal Wildflower Necklace has it all and is available in "Rustic Grey", "Crystal", and "Pale Spearmint."  Pair this stunning piece with a sweater and jeans for a perfect daytime outfit.  At night, place over your favorite LBD and add a pair of coordinating pumps!

 2) The Darling Necklace by Lilly Pulitzer is just too darling to pass up.  Like everything else Lilly, this adorable accessory turns heads.  A perfect necklace to pair with a button down and boots for class or a sparkly gold dress for date night.

3) A lady can never have enough necklaces, especially ones with multiple layers.  Leave it to Kate Spade to take a simple design and turn it into a classic piece.  This Triple Strand Necklace is the perfect compliment to a high collared dress for a day at the office or with your favorite fitted tee and shorts for a comfortable and classy Saturday afternoon.

 4) Last on the list is a simple piece that makes a bold statement, the Crochet Pearl and Raffia Crystal Rosary necklace from Tory Burch.  This accessory is a must-have for your fall wardrobe because of its refined yet wild design. This necklace would be perfect with a sheer chiffon button-down or a strapless maxi dress.

Have anymore ideas that you are planning to sport this fall?  Let me know below!