Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thursday Throwback: Big/Little Week Ideas

Big/Little Week is one of the most exciting times for sororities.  Bigs sneak around to anonymously shower their littles with presents.  I love creating themed gift baskets so I wanted to share some of the gifts I made for my littles.  For themes, I found it best to follow this simple pattern: One day for school spirit, one for sorority spirit, one for something your little loves, and one that represents your family line.

Here are some of the baskets I made for my littles:

Sorority Spirit Basket (Sigma Phi Lambda):

This basket included a tote bag, picture frame, letter t-shirt, stuffed lamb, license plate frame, our sorority flower, hair bow, coozie, painted Greek letter that represented her pledge class, Pez dispenser with our sorority mascot, and a handmade card.  I love using these baskets because girls can use them for laundry or storage.

 School Spirit Basket (Go Gators!):

For this basket, I wanted to add somethings that she could use in class, at home, or at games.  I made her a Gator fleece blanket, an orange and blue make-up bag with her initial, a game day button with our sorority letters, picture frame, and hair bow.  One the basket I attached a large blue bow that my big put on my Gator basket.  I thought it would be a cute way to pass down family heirloom.  The passing of the bow has now become a family tradition.

Something Your Little Loves Basket:

One of my littles is obsessed with elephants and what sorority girl doesn't love Lilly Pulitzer?  Most of this basket is filled with goodies I purchased from Etsy sellers.  This canvas was painted by Prep Essentials, a letter tote bag from Baby Oz Clothing, a pocket mirror by Lover Doodles, and Mama Duck Creations made me an adorable picture frame. The basket also included a letter shirt, tumbler, Lilly journal, and elephant pen.

Basket that Represent Your Family Line:

Sigma Phi Lambda is a Christian sorority and all members are required to be in a bible study.  I like to have a personal bible study with my littles, so I wanted to give her some books that we could use.  The basket also included a monogram necklace, coffee cup, package of bookmarks, and bible verse art.  I also included Disney princess goodies because it is a tradition in our line.

What are some of your favorite gift baskets that you have received or given?

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