Saturday, November 30, 2013

Black Friday Finds

Black Friday, the day when Americans buy things they don't need just because they are cheaper.  You know that we all do it and our bank accounts and storage spaces hate us for it.  As for me, I spent more than I should but have some fabulous items to show for it.
This Lilly Pulitzer Alexandra Top 40% Off!

A Samsung Galaxy S4 for my dad for FREE!  
Go here if you would like to read reviews about this phone.

My first big-girl Christmas Tree for only $30!

Not pictured are the Blu-Rays, stocking-stuffers, Christmas decorations, and other odds and ends that we picked up.  Needless to say, we helped our locals stores bring their numbers back into the black! 

What did you find?

Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving Day 2013

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to bring families together and enjoy a home cooked meal.  Every family is different and each have their own traditions.  This year, I was in charge of decorating for the holiday.  Using the free printables from Pizzazzerie, I went with a "Give Thanks" theme.  I am very proud of the way everything turned out.

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Attire Ideas

In the words of my handsome fiance, Thanksgiving is a day to celebrate the three F's: family, food, and football.  In other words, it is a day to enjoy the company of those around you while being classy and comfortable.  When you have a belly filled with turkey, a table of extended family members, and a dirty kitchen, the last thing you want to be wearing is tight jeans and high heels.  Here are a few outfit ideas that I created to help you plan for tomorrow's festivities.

Mix Your Colors: 

This Thanksgiving think about mixing a bright color with soft neutrals.  Add a warm cardigan over a loose dress.  Try to include a family heirloom or meaning full piece to represent your favorite kin.  Finally, coordinate your accessories for a finished look. 
Bright Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving in Pastels:

Show your family pride this holiday with soft pastels and lots of love.  Pair a sheer top with skinny khakis and your favorite boots.  Use a plain colored blazer for a light pop of color and additional warmth.  To showcase your affection, include symbols of love such as hearts and monograms.  These pieces will tell your loved ones that you care about them and your heritage.

Pastel Thanksgiving

Low-Key and Warm: 

Lastly is my favorite look.  If you are celebrating this Thanksgiving with a few of your closet relatives before watching the Packers defeat the Lions (or whoever you are cheering for), this is the choice for you.  All you need to do is start with your favorite pair of jeans, add a loose sweater, and complete the look with your go-to jewelry.

Easy Thanksgiving

Monday, November 25, 2013

From Day to Night in a Scarf

As the month gets colder, it is time to release some of your favorite winter items from the back of the closet. I wait all summer to wear pieces from my ever-growing scarf collection.  Here are a few of my newest additions:

 Lilly Pulitzer Murfette Scarf:

I love my Murfette scarf.  Even though it is smaller than Lilly Pulitzer's traditional Murfee scarf, the Murfette is colorful, soft, and warm.  It is the perfect accessory in the office or out to dinner with my man.  However, do not get me wrong, I still love wearing my green and white Murfee scarf!  Need a present for your mother or sister?  A Murfette can be a perfect option.

Forever 21 Infinity Scarf: 

Infinity scarves are unique and simple.  The perfect accessory for a busy day of classes or shopping because you can quickly remove and replace it again and again without having to worry about wrapping, tying, or re-positioning.  Forever 21 offers a large variety of colors and patterns at amazing prices.  These scarves could also make amazing last minute presents for friends and co-workers. 
Have no idea how to wear your scarves this season?

Day Time: 

Scarf for the Day

Night Time:

Scarf for Ladies Night

How do you like to wear your winter accessories?

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Inside the Bag: Gym Time

Until yesterday, I had not stepped foot in gym in 3 months.  That is a total of $70 that I simply wasted.  Not to mention the 15 or 20 pounds of fat that I gained.  Between my favorite Lilly Pulitzer pants becoming too tight to wear and my previous weekend in the hospital, I knew it was time for a change.  So I pulled up my gym's website and picked a group exercise class for each day of the week.  Yesterday (Monday) was Zumba and today was a class that mixed yoga, Pilates, and tai-chi.  Needless to say, I already hurt.  Tomorrow my goal is to attend my first-ever cycling class and I am very nervous!  Because I plan to attend the gym Monday through Thursday evenings, I pack my gym bag the night before and leave it in my car during work.  I am still learning what is important to have, and what can be left behind, however here are a few essentials you will need when you hit the gym. 

Inside the Bag: Gym

  1. A big bag to carry everything you will need
  2. Water bottle, monogrammed of course! 
  3. Hair ties 
  4. A long-sleeve shirt to beat the chills 
  5. Make-up bag to hold tiny essentials 
  6. Hand sanitizer
  7. Your favorite deodorant
  8. Cleansing make-up remover 
  9. Chapstick, that's a personal thing   

What do you like to carry?

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Happy Birthday Lilly Pulitzer!

Happy birthday to one of the bravest and most colorful women in history, Lilly Pulitzer.  Even though she is not here with us to celebrate, I think she would have enjoyed all of the celebrations thrown in her honor.  This weekend I had the opportunity to partake in one of these delicious events at Lilly Pulitzer Winter Park.  Wearing my new Callahan Shorts for the first time, I wandered Park Ave. with my fiance and father. We met wonderful people and enjoyed mouth-watering pastries before entering one of the most amazing stores I have ever shopped in.  I had a blast trying on the new Resort 2013 items while sipping mimosas and chatting with the ladies.  I could not have asked for a better day and would like to thank my fiance and father for being such wonderful sports!  Here are a few of the photos I snapped that day:

In honor of Lilly's birthday, I plan to wear at least one Lilly Pulitzer piece each day of this upcoming week.  If you would like to join me, please Instagram your outfits with #tmmlillyweek.  I cannot wait to see all of your wonderful outfits!