Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Inside the Bag: Gym Time

Until yesterday, I had not stepped foot in gym in 3 months.  That is a total of $70 that I simply wasted.  Not to mention the 15 or 20 pounds of fat that I gained.  Between my favorite Lilly Pulitzer pants becoming too tight to wear and my previous weekend in the hospital, I knew it was time for a change.  So I pulled up my gym's website and picked a group exercise class for each day of the week.  Yesterday (Monday) was Zumba and today was a class that mixed yoga, Pilates, and tai-chi.  Needless to say, I already hurt.  Tomorrow my goal is to attend my first-ever cycling class and I am very nervous!  Because I plan to attend the gym Monday through Thursday evenings, I pack my gym bag the night before and leave it in my car during work.  I am still learning what is important to have, and what can be left behind, however here are a few essentials you will need when you hit the gym. 

Inside the Bag: Gym

  1. A big bag to carry everything you will need
  2. Water bottle, monogrammed of course! 
  3. Hair ties 
  4. A long-sleeve shirt to beat the chills 
  5. Make-up bag to hold tiny essentials 
  6. Hand sanitizer
  7. Your favorite deodorant
  8. Cleansing make-up remover 
  9. Chapstick, that's a personal thing   

What do you like to carry?

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  1. I need to start going to the gym again! I love your Lilly bag!