Thursday, April 3, 2014

Dress Like a Disney Princess

Have you ever wanted to dress up like your favorite Disney princess on a typical day?  Here are some casual outfit inspirations fit for a princess.

Princess Aurora 

Sleeping Beauty
Little Mermaid


Who is your favorite Disney princess?


The Monogrammed Marie

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

What to Wear to Disney

When deciding what to wear to during your Disney vacation, remember that you will be walking for hours.  Personally, I prefer the comfortable look, especially during the summer.  Each of the following outfit inspirations are designed for warmer weather.  I have never been to Disneyland however, I can warn you about the humidity levels of a Florida summer.


Disney Classic
Disney Classy

Disney Comfortable

Packing a Purse for Disney

Disney, the Happiest Place on Earth.  In one day you can expect to see amazing parades, enjoy delicious snacks, and meet your favorite characters.  However, as you are wondering the parks, there are a few items you might want to bring along.

1. The Bag

When choosing a purse to carry around Disney, I suggest either a small backpack or cross-body bag.  That way your hands can be free to eat snacks, shop, or snap pictures next to your favorite princess.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Vera Bradley Backpack                         Coach Crossbody                               Longchamp Backpack

2. Personal Items

During the excitement of planning for a trip to Disney, you may forget a few items that could make a huge difference.  I recommend throwing a small bottle of sunscreen, hand sanitizer, lip balm, extra hair ties, and a pen into your purse for the day.  These items can be hard to find and more expensive in the parks.  Do not forget to pack extra feminine products, sunglasses, your wallet, and a small pill case to hold medicine (if needed). 

Disney Personal


Disney Essentals

What is in your purse during a Disney vacation?