Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Surfs Up VoxBox from Influenster

I received everything in this post for free for testing purposes from Influenster.com.  Are you interested in reviewing products?  Leave your email address in the comments below and I will send you an invitation.

What's in the box?

The box arrived by USPS and I could barely contain my excitement.  I have only been a member of the site for a few months however, the more active you are on Influenster.com, the more likely you are to receive VoxBoxes.  So here is my first one, it contained three full-sized products, one travel-sized items, and two coupons.  The coupons are good for Jamba Juice At Home Smoothes.  

1. Covergirl Bombshell Mascara 
This product works wonders on my eyelashes!  Originally I was scared to apply this because I read so many reviews about girls who said the product was impossible to remove.  When I apply mascara, I lightly brush it on so I found it very easy to remove.  I did find that it was annoying to apply two different types each time and I do not think I will purchase this product.

First of all, I love this After Sun lotion because of the way it makes me smell.  I find myself applying this on days that I am not in the sun!  After hours in the sun, this product is like a huge drink of water for my skin.  I would definitely purchase this and other products from Hawaiian Tropic. 

When I first received this nail polish I hated the color.  After wearing it for a few days, I realized it was a lot prettier than I thought!  However, by the next day it had already began to chip.  I know that this product is normally about $2 so it is not bad for that price.  It is very easy to apply and dries smoothly.  I am not sure if I will purchase nail polish from Sinful Colors for myself however, it would make a great present. 

I prefer to take pills because this is a lot of liquid to drink when you are in pain.  Additionally, I am not a fan of the taste.  I am glad that I was able to try this product and I will not purchase in the future.  If you do not like to take pills, this could be an amazing pain reliever for you! 

Have you tried any of these products?  If so, what do you think of them? 

Friday, June 13, 2014

Favorite Moments in Lilly

I was first introduced to Lilly Pulitzer in college.  Students at southern universities wear their pearls to class and dress-up for every football game.  For most sorority girls, Lilly Pulitzer is the unofficial uniform of college life.  After graduating college and entering the workforce, I was finally able to purchase a few Lilly Pulitzer items for myself.  Here are a few of my favorite moments in Lilly:

1. Attending a Bridal Expo in my Lilly Pulitzer Pink Button-Down

2. Shopping in Winter Park, FL with my Husband in my Pom Poms Alexandra Top

3.  Taking our Save the Date Photos in Pensacola, FL in my Snorkel Blue Greens with Envy Elsa Top

4.  Taking a St. Patrick's Day Selfie in my First Call Chloe Dress

What are your favorite memories in Lilly Pulitzer? 
Share them below!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

First Giveaway Appreciation

Thank you, Devon!

I would like to say a special thank you for Devon Alana Designs for helping me with my first giveaway.  Please check out her blog at www.devonalanadesign.com.

Congratulations, Rachel! 

The lucky winner of the monogrammed seersucker hair bow from Devon Alana Designs is Rachel. Here is a photo of her wearing her new accessory: 

Upcoming Giveaway:

I am planning to do my second giveaway on June 1st.  Please let me know what you would like the prize to be in the comments below. 

Friday, May 16, 2014

Summer 2014 Essentials

Summer has arrived for several people and is quickly approaching for the rest of us.  Even if you are working through the sunny months, that does not mean you have to miss out completely.  As a Floridian, I am spoiled by the ability to take day-trips to the beach and Disney World.  For those of you a little further from sand, make your own full on the pool deck with hip music, cool friends, and sweet snacks.  Here are a few essentials you might need (or want) this summer.

Summer 2014 Essentials

TOMS retro glasses / Lilly Pulitzer tote bag / Sunscreen makeup / MAC Cosmetics lipstick / Jack Rogers sandals

Why I picked these items:

Jack Rogers sandals - These sturdy shoes are adorable and can be the perfect accessory to your favorite summer outfit.  Jack Rogers' offers a large collection of colors and styles.  Can't find the color combination to match your new bathing suit?  Jackrogersusa.com lets you order a custom pair, you can even add your monogram.

M.A.C. Lipstick - Summer is the perfect time to experiment with new make-up and fashion choices.  M.A.C. always makes amazing products, and their lipstick is amazing.  Don't believe me?  Read some real and honest reviews about this product on influenster.

TOMS Sunglasses - These sunglasses are functional, classy, and, with each purchase, provide one blessed individual with eye care.  It always feels good to share with people less fortunate than yourself and TOMS makes it even easier!

Lilly Pulitzer Resort Tote - Like everything Lilly Pulitzer creates, I became obsessed with this bag the minute I laid my eyes on it.  It is perfect for road trips, days at the beach, or holding your extra summer reading books at the pool.  This bag fits perfectly on your shoulder and includes a small zip pocket to keep your valuables from getting lost.  

Mary Kay SPF CC Cream Foundation - Everyone needs to protect their skin and Mary Kay includes SPF into their amazing CC Cream Foundation.  This product is easy to apply and lasts all day.  Looking for a Mary Kay consultant?  Let me know, I know a few!

What products are you looking forward to using this summer?

Thursday, May 15, 2014

What's in my Bag - Make-Up UPDATED

Like every woman, my tastes in clothing, make-up, music, movies, and everything else tend to change year after year.  One of the largest changes I have experienced came after my Mary-Kay bridal shower.  My maid of honor wanted to do something special and unique for my shower and she picked the perfect thing.  I always thought Mary-Kay was for older women who just wanted to look younger.  Boy was I wrong!  The Mary-Kay make-up I wore on my wedding day was perfect!  Everyone kept complimenting me on my make-up and it lasted through the night. Since my wedding I have been wearing Mary-Kay make-up and using their Botanical Effects Skin Care line.  My skin has never felt better!

Here are a few of my favorite products:

My review of each product individually will be posted soon!

Please leave a comment letting me know which make-up brands and products you are crazy about.  I would love to give them a try!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Dress Like a Disney Princess

Have you ever wanted to dress up like your favorite Disney princess on a typical day?  Here are some casual outfit inspirations fit for a princess.

Princess Aurora 

Sleeping Beauty
Little Mermaid


Who is your favorite Disney princess?


The Monogrammed Marie

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

What to Wear to Disney

When deciding what to wear to during your Disney vacation, remember that you will be walking for hours.  Personally, I prefer the comfortable look, especially during the summer.  Each of the following outfit inspirations are designed for warmer weather.  I have never been to Disneyland however, I can warn you about the humidity levels of a Florida summer.


Disney Classic
Disney Classy

Disney Comfortable