Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Girl's Day at Disney Outfit Ideas

Two of my favorite Disney Instagram accounts are DisneyBound and CaseyandtheBear.  I have created some of my own Dapper-Style outfits to match Casey's ParkBound Buttons for upcoming girl's day my best friend and I have planned.

The Castles 

Disney World is home to Cinderella's Castle and Disneyland has Sleeping Beauty's Castle.  These outfits can be worn to reflect the castles or the princesses.

Girl's Day - Cinderella and Aurora

Tremaine Sisters

I love Cinderella and I recently have become a fan of her stepsisters because they are hilarious in the 2015 live-action movie.  So for my next pairing, I give you this colorful duo! 

Girl's Day - Tremaine Sisters

Classic Ladies 

Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck are one of the first female duos for Disney.  They both have adorable color schemes and big bows.  How can you not love these two? 

Girl's Day - Minnie and Daisy

Peter's Girls 

Wendy and Tinkerbell have their differences but I love both of them because of they have such dynamic personalities.  Girl's Day - Wendy and Tink

Sisters Forever 

Girl's Day - Elsa and Anna

Emotional Connection 

Girl's Day - Joy and Sadness

A Tale Retold 

Girl's Day - Maleficent and Aurora

Hawaiian Sisters 

Girl's Day - Lilo and Nani

Outfit Ideas Without Buttons: 

My favorite princesses are Tiana and Belle so I just had to include them.  Right now, there are no ParkBound Buttons for Princess and the Frog.  There are a few Beauty and the Beast buttons however, the only represent the first part of the movie which you can find herehere, and my personal favorite, here.  Nonetheless, here are two more outfits for you to enjoy!

Girl's Day - Tiana and Charlotte

Girl's Day - Belle and Mrs. Potts

Buttons that I Own: 

Of course I own a few ParkBound Buttons that I absolutely love!  I have not worn them to the parks however, I will post pictures when I do! 

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