Sunday, December 1, 2013

2013 Christmas Wish List

Every little girl spends all year writing and re-writing her Christmas list and she never grows out of it.  Today, my Christmas list no longer includes American Girls dolls or glitter body spray.  I also know that it is not Santa who provides the piles of gifts under my tree, but the hard work and love of my parents, family, and friends.  This year I have learned a lot about who God created me to be, what love really means, and how hard it is to be a grown-up.  I have everything I could have ever asked for, nice clothes, a man who loves me, a solid roof over my head, a dependable car, and the support from loved ones.  What could I possibly want?  If I were to make a list, having my mom back would be numbers one through 543.  I know that God took her away for a reason that I will one day discover.  Until then, I am left to wonder and speculate.  So starting at wish number 544, here are a few of the things I would love to find under the tree this year.

Christmas Dream

1. Lilly Pulitzer Murfee Scarf in Lilly Loves Hope
2. Current Copy Harper's Bazaar
3. A Monogrammed May Designs Book
4. Lilly Pulitzer Tote Bag in Shorely Blue NYC Toile (Pictured as Chomp Chomp)
5. Willow Tree Remembrance Figurine
6. Gold Monogrammed Necklace
7. Essie Nail Polish
8. E.O.S. Lip Balm

Do not let my list fool you, this year I am not concerned about the amount of presents under my tree.  Instead, I would like to dedicate this holiday to the two most important men in my life...

What are you wishing for this year? 

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