Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wednesday Wellness: Yoga Attire

I have recently become a fan of Yoga. It helps me to relieve tension, clear my mind, and increase the flexibility of muscles I did not know existed. Similar to my views on studying, I believe that if you are in an outfit that makes you feel both adorable and comfortable, you will succeed. Of course trips to the gym should not be synonymous with walks down the runway. I always chuckle at individuals on the treadmill that are continually fidgeting with their shorts or re-positing their shirt. You know what I mean, we have all seen them. Your goal at the gym, especially during a Yoga class, should be to listen to your body's ques, such as pain or discomfort. Below you will find some easy gym worthy outfits.

1) Beat the Heat 

In the summer months, you can break a sweat simply walking to your car, particularly here in Florida. When taking Yoga in the heat, be sure to drink plenty of water, bring a cute towel to dry off with, and do not be afraid to show some skin. Warm weather is also the perfect time to mix bright colors and try new up-dos.

Yoga in the Heat

2) Stretch in Layers

As the weather cools for fall or slightly warms in spring, be sure to wear layers or pack extra clothing items to keep your body warm at the beginning of class. Loose long-sleeve shirts layered over tight tank tops are easy to shed once you start to break a sweat. Do not forget that drinking water is still important during the cooler months!

Yoga in Layers

3) Kill the Chills 

Once again, think layers!  Monogrammed sweatshirts, long yoga pants, and comfortable tees are perfect for killing your chills. TOMS help to keep your feet warm before class and give them plenty of room to relax after.  Winter blues mix well with neutrals and prints and try low ponytails or half-dos to keep your neck warm. 
Yoga without Chills

Lilly Pulitzer top / Red sweatshirt / SO yoga activewear / TOMS flat / Oakley tote bag / American Apparel hair accessory

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