Tuesday, October 22, 2013

DIY American Flag Shirt

Happy homecoming week from the home of the eagles!  Today is America Day and I would like to share my amazing creation with you.  Sadly I forgot to take step-by-step photos however, I will do my best to explain clearly.  It is a simple project that took me about 30 minutes to complete!


What you will need:

- A White T-shirt
- Painter's or Masking Tape
- Red and Blue Paint (see below for details)
- Star Templates
- Paint Brush
- Old Newspaper or Buchter Paper

What to do:

1. Cover a flat work surface with newspaper or buchter paper.  I keep all of the papers Michaels uses to wrap breakables in. 

2. Lay your shirt on top of the paper.  Make sure that the shirt is smoothed out.

3. Start by measuring a corner for the blue section of your shirt.  I eye-balled this for my project.  Tape off the section.

4. I recommended starting with the red paint because if you make a mistake, red is easier to cover than blue.  On that note, begin taping off the stripes.  Remember that the tape will keep paint away from the material it is covering so measure accordingly.

5. Now you are ready to paint!  I used red fabric spray paint for the stripes.  It was expensive however, I think it was worth it.  Not only was I able to paint each stripe quickly, once dried, the fabric paint has a softer feel than acrylic.  I used regular acrylic for the blue corner and it did not turn out as well. 

6. Once you have applied the red, it is time to add blue. First remove the painters that surrounds the corner.  Replace the tape so that it protects the areas around the corner from paint. I found star clipart on Google and printed out six.  I cut out each star and taped them down to the shirt.  Next, I painted over the edges over the stars to secure them to the shirt.  This helps you to paint clean lines. 

7. After you finish painting, remove all tape and templates.  Lay your shirt out flat in a warm and dry environment for 4 to 72 hours. 

If you have any questions, please ask me in the comments below! 

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