Friday, February 21, 2014

Non-Traditional Wedding Dresses

 Not every bride dreams of wearing a large white ball gown on her wedding day.  But that does not mean she should have to sacrifice her bridal experience.  Here are a few options for a non-traditional bride who is interested in buying a simple dress right off the rack.


1. Detailed Sundress

This option is great for women who are looking for a cheap and re-wearable option!  Designers including Lilly Pulitzer and Lauren Conrad for Kohls have gorgeous pieces this time of year.  Complete your look with a white headband and colorful pumps. 

2. Sophisticated Maxi

This dress is similar to the traditional bridal gown with a smaller price tag.  Add your touch of personality by choosing a dress in your favorite color or pairing it with a large statement necklace.  The trend of colored bridal gowns is on the rise, so why not take full advantage of that?  

3. Practically Bridal

For brides who desire the full bridal look and are short on time, an option such as this dress from Kate Spade's Madison Ave. Collection might be a perfect fit.  Look for dresses made from satin or organza for a formal feel.  Don't forget to add a birdcage veil and a colorful boutique to finish your wedding day look.
The most important thing to remember on your wedding day is to be yourself.  It doesn't matter what you wear, where it is, or if the details are just perfect.  What really matters is that you are true to yourself and you are marrying the love of your life.  If you follow those two simple rules, your wedding day will be a smashing hit!


  1. Gorgeous picks! Makes me excited to find that perfect white dress someday ;)

    1. Thank you Candice for your sweet comment! No matter which dress you chose, you will look beautiful!