Thursday, February 20, 2014

Newlywed Gift Basket

Is your best friend getting married soon?  You probably have already given her planning materials and wedding magazines and the wedding day is quickly approaching!  What do you put in a gift basket for a newly married woman?  Here are few ideas:

1. Home and Life Magazines

Now that the wedding planning has finished, give her the inspiration for planning her new life.  Magazines such as Better Homes and Gardens and Real Simple are full of decorating ideas, recipes, and organization tips.

2. Her New Monogram

If you cannot tell by the name of this blog, I love monograms!  To symbolize your friend's new name and life, include a monogrammed item that she can use everyday.  A few examples include a canvas tote bag from LL Bean or monogram necklace from

3. Classy Pajamas

Now that the new Mrs. will be sharing a bed with her husband every night, tuck her in with stylish pajamas.  This classic striped set from Victoria Secret is perfect for lazy movie nights or winter snuggles.  Customize the set by adding her new monogram.

4. Home Spa Products

Post-wedding stress might hit your friend like a ton of bricks!  Prepare her with products for the perfect at-home spa.  Nail polish, candles, and face masks can help the new Mrs. relax and save money.

5. Personal Journal

Help the new Mrs. remember the first months of her marriage in a customized journal, like this one from May Books Design.  Don't forget to add some colorful pens or crazy pencils for her to use.  This could become her treasured item in the future.

6. Honeymoon Picture Frame

Once the newlyweds return from their honeymoon, they will be looking for a unique way to display their pictures.  Make or buy a fun frame to match their honeymoon destination.  For example, if they relaxed at the beach, chose a frame made out of seashells.

What gifts would you want to receive after your wedding day? 

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