Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Winter Favorites

I was blessed with amazing presents this Christmas and several have become beloved items.  This season it was hard to chose what I loved the most but here is what I have been loving! 


I love the Naked 2 Basics pallet.  Because of my glasses, I have found that matte shades look best on me and I am in love with these colors!  For an everyday work look, I spread Frisk on my eyelids, Stark in my crease, and Skimp right under my brow.  Then I take a little bit of Cover and/or Primal and blend it into my outer corner.  I finish the look with a bit of Skimp in my inner corner and Undone on my lash line.  I get to use the whole pallet and I look great!  


This season, these products have saved my face!  Every night, I clean off my face with a Neutrogena Grapefruit Cleansing Wipe.  I remove my eye makeup with Estee Lauder's Eye Makeup Remover because it is gentle and effective.  Then I wet my face and EcoTools Sensitive Pure Complexion Sponge with lukewarm water.  I apply a small amount of Burt's Bees Acne Solutions Cleanser and scrub my face.  After I rinse and pat dry my face, I apply the Mary Kay Botanical Moisturizer.  Now, I only get pimples if I skip my routine!  


Yet another Christmas present that has become my winter favorite is my monogrammed chambray  shirt from Etsy!  I wear it most often with my pink skinny jeans from Gap and riding boots.  It also looks great with black leggings and ballet flats.  I can dress it up with a floral scarf or dress it down with sneakers.  Either way, I can find a way to wear this every day. 


Picture Credit
This movie made me laugh and cry.  I love Baymax and everything that he represents.  I feel like he is the Disney version of Totoro, which makes me love him even more.  This is a great movie for the whole family and I highly recommend it! 


As you may remember, I received this book for Christmas and I was super excited.  I read it in about 3-days and loved every minute of it!  The characters are very well-written and developed.  I loved the plot and the giant twist at the end.  I really hope that Zoe writes another novel soon!


These two candles are perfect.  I burn them together to create a soothing scent that lingers for hours.  I love Bath and Body Works candles and I will be burning this for as long as I can.  Next Christmas I will probably stock up on these scents. 


I included this darling bubble bar in my Lush haul post but it has taken me almost 3 months to get around to using it. Oh goodness you guys, this is the most amazing bubble bar I have ever used!  Half of this little buddy made movie style bubbles that were thick and huge!  After about 30 minutes I had to wash them down the train because I was done before they were.  The scent was not too strong and did not linger on my body.  However, my tub did smell really nice for a few days!

Holiday Decoration: 

I was tempted to include a Christmas decoration here however, you guys have already seen all of mine during the 10 Day of Merry series.  Starting January 1st, I add tiny touches of Valentine's Day to our home because February is the month of love!  In our dining room, you will find this tiny set up under a Valentine's Day themed quote which I found on Pinterest and framed.  I recived the sparkly red heart in a floral arrangement from my dad last year.  The flower pen and pencil are left over valentines that I made for sorority sisters in college.  I found the milk jar at Michael's and the glitterly cupcake at Hobby Lobby.  Of course, I added a wedding photo for a personal touch!

Video Game:

This was also included in my Christmas haul post and I have to say that it was an amazing gift!  I try to play this every night for exercise and J and I get a kick out of watching our videos!  My favorite songs are Addicted to You and Black Widow. 

Please tell me what your winter favorites have been in the comments below! 

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